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Breaker Box Replacement

Breaker Box Replacement

Your electrical service panel is made up of a series of circuit breakers and fuses that enable you to manage all the electrical factors of your home.

The electrical panel divides all the electrical power into various circuits, every single of which is guarded by a circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers can be quite fickle and sensitive to numerous aspects. Below are five signs that your home’s electrical provider panel may require an improvement.


  1. Faulty wiring problems

Defective wiring is one of the foremost causes of residential fires in the United States. The risk of a fire triggered by defective wiring substantially increases depending on how old your home is.

Old wiring may not meet code, and wire insulation and other components are likely to deteriorate over time. Have an expert electrician inspect the wiring in your electrical panel and throughout your house. Warning signs of faulty wiring:

-Flickering or dimming lights

-Slight shock or tingling sensation when you contact appliances

-A persistent burning smell

-Sparking or discolored electrical power retailers


  1. Putting in new appliances

Do you plan on updating your home with a new hot tub, entertainment system, pool, or other equipment that consumes a lot of energy? Make sure to update your electrical panel, as well! An old panel may not have the capacity to carry power to very modern appliances. This also applies to any massive remodeling tasks (e.g. incorporating a new room or story).

Regular electrical panels supply 100, 150, 200, and 400 amps of electrical power. Anything less than that is not up to standard.


  1. Replacing fuses with circuit breakers

Fuses and circuit breakers both perform essentially the same task; they avoid circuit overload by disrupting (or breaking) electrical currents that channel to any connected units.

Fuses are one-time use. When they detect that an electrical presence is working at a higher level, the fuse will melt, interrupting the circulation of electrical power. While fuses must be replaced after use, circuit breakers need only to be reset.

Fuses can pose a health hazard, and several insurance companies will actually refuse to insure houses that have outdated fuses.


  1. Too much use of extension cords and electricity strips.

If you discover yourself plugging practically everything into a single electrical power outlet via power strips and extension cords, it’s a good thought to update your electrical panel.

You can enable every circuit to operate straight from the panel or install a new electrical outlet and circuit, minimizing the fire hazard.


  1. Preparing ahead

If you’re presently transforming or upgrading your property, it is an excellent idea to install lasting quality wiring, particularly structured wiring, which is made up of heavy-duty cables that permit the latest attributes in all your electrical units. Structured wiring will also increase the value of your property.

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Residential Electrical Services is licensed through the state of Texas:



Residential Electrical Services is licensed through the state of Texas: ​TECL#20673 TMEL#4548 We are registered electricians in Pearland, and surrounding areas, We maintain general liability insurance.
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